Airbnb style guides

Popular open-source style guides for JavaScript, CSS, React or Ruby maintained by Airbnb

A style guide is a set of standards that outline how code should be written and organized, contains general rules about how to write code like which quotes to use, how many spaces to indent, where to put line breaks, etc.

Airbnb’s style guides are generally considered the best options for JavaScript and React development, hugely popular, and actively maintained.

JavaScript Style Guide


Airbnb has one of the most popular JavaScript style guides on the internet. It covers nearly every aspect of JavaScript as well.

React/JSX Style Guide


A reasonable approach to React and JSX, mostly based on the standards that are currently prevalent in JavaScript, anything prior to stage 3 is not included nor recommended in this guide.

CSS-in-JS Style Guide


A mostly reasonable approach to CSS-in-JavaScript that covers naming conventions, using a higher-order component to theme, nesting, inlining, etc.

CSS/Sass Style Guide


A mostly reasonable approach to CSS and Sass that covers naming conventions, formatting, ordering, variables, etc. Also available in many languages.

Ruby Style Guide


This is Airbnb's Ruby Style Guide, was inspired by GitHub's guide and RuboCop's guide.